H-Project Space, Bangkok - 5 June - 6 July 2014.
Transition Gallery, London – 20 September – 12 October 2014
The Usher Gallery, Lincoln – 19 December 2014 - 19 April 2015
Elsewhere - Altrove
Riss(e), Varese, Italy
Cesare Biratoni, Freya Douglas Morris, Archie Franks,
Cathy Lomax, Vera Portatadino, Alli Sharma
28 September - 26 October 2014

Painting Objects
St Marylebone Crypt, 17 Marylebone Road, London NW1 5LT
Annabel Dover, Cathy Lomax, Alli Sharma
3 - 31 October 2014

British Low Culture
Honey Ramka, Brooklyn, NY, USA - part of Sluice's Exchange Rates
Kirsty Buchanan, Cathy Lomax, Alli Sharma
24 October - 23 November 2014

Chinese Whispers
Karin Jansen Project Space, London E9 - 6-23 November 2014
Galerie Nasty Alice, Eindhoven, Netherlands - 29 November - 20 December 2014
Discerning Eye
Mall Galleries, London
13 - 23 November
Cathy Lomax
Dolph, ASC Studios, 47c Streatham Hill, London SW2
September 2015
Arty 34: Rome

Life at the BSR
June Mostra: Meet the Artists

Misdirect Movies, Standpoint Gallery, London
Review of the show in Art Monthly
Southern Belles / On the Trail of the Real Elvis Experience
Arty 33: Deep South
Unknown Sitter DOS, Chalie Dutton gallery
Review of show on Fad
Misdirect Movies, Royal Standard, Liverpool
Review of the show on The Double Negative

Tainted Love

Post-show publication with words by Zoe Pilger and pictures by Sarah Cleaver


Past in Present: The Courtald Institute of Art
Reframed & Reworked: Lewis Bush / Cathy Lomax / Kitty Valentine
interview with Ayla Lepine, June 2012

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