Dance First Think Later
General Practice, Lincoln
8 July - 23 August 2020 (by appointmant only)

Beep Painting Prize
Elysium Gallery, Swansea
3 October - 7 November 2020


John Lennon's Not Dead, curated by Harry Pye
Stash Gallery, London E1
October 2020

CAS Art Studios
Guest artist interview to accompany the CAS Instagram exhibition Housebound
Arty 43: Makeup
Various articles and artwork
Arty 42: Souvenirs
Various articles and artwork, including
Quimper to Quiberon
The Souvenir: Is she really going out with him...
Frames Cinema Journal
Issue 16: 'Magical Women, Witches and Healers'
'Makeup as Dark Magic: The Love Witch and the Subversive Female Gaze'

Fandom As Methodology: A Sourcebook for artists and writers
Edited by Catherine Grant & Kate Random Love,(Goldsmiths Press, 2019)
The Girl With the...

A letter to Gloria Grahame and accompanying artwork.

Beauty Papers
Painting the Face of Marie Antoinette
Writing and paintings about the image of Marie Antoinette.
a-n Reviews
The Immaculate Dream at Collyer Bristow Gallery
- review by David Minton...
’Toro’ is the term attached to an image in Cathy Lomax’s ‘Film Diary’ as the presumed heroine appears to lift her skirt in provocative imitation of a teasing matador. A kind of neither/nor/either/or image it is disposed to have whatever meanings a viewer is disposed to bring, to what might  easily be a still of a  woman playing with a child. Her paintings from film stills tease and intrigue. A sense of the  furtive in the cropped images and their quick manner of painting is reinforced by  footnotes – ‘they were in the house of fun’ ….. ‘she had gate crashed’…’..he told her about a sexual experience he had had…’
Beauty Salon Zine
Jungle Red: the cosmetic allure of exoticism. The zine was made to accompany the exhibition Beauty Salon at the Alison Richard Building, Cambridge.
Beauty Papers
Cathy Lomax: Makeup. Artist. An interview with John William. 'Cathy Lomax started out painting faces in a peach pinny working the Miss Selfridge makeup counter. Then it was the faces of models, for fashion bibles like The Face, i-D and Arena. Now Cathy paints in oils and acrylics rather than blusher and eyeshadows, but cosmetics, glamour and fashion linger like a lipstick kiss.'
Projections Podcast
Makeup and Magic: Fashion Films episode 7 - A guest apperance on Sarah Cleaver and Mary Wild's film and psychoanalysis podcast. We talk about make-up, style and surface in Anna Biller’s extraordinary 2016 film The Love Witch.
Arty 41: Witches
It’s Witchcraft... Style and substance in the coloured makeups of The Love Witch
Garageland 22: Difficult Women
Typical Girls: From Greta Garbo to Mary Quant, an examination of the masquerade of femininity and the continuing allure of makeup

The Anomie Review of Contemporary British Painting - Matt Price
Cathy Lomax: The Blind Spot: a review of the exhibition and some of the wider themes of my work. Other artists in the book include Ryan Mosley, Kaye Donachie, Rose Wylie, Lindsey Bull & Lubaina Himid.

More Press & Published Work

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