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2001 - present Arty (editor) – Essays, Reviews and artworks (Ongoing)
2006 - present Garageland (editor) – Essays and artworks (Ongoing)


September Arty 37:
Isolation Chamber Vacation
Death and Liberation The appeal of the on-screen widow from Blanche DuBois to Jasmine French


Film, Fashion & Consumption, Volume 4, Numbers 2-3

Ghostly threads: Painting Marilyn Monroe’s white dresses

In 2012 I started a series of paintings of Marilyn Monroe’s white dresses. While painting, it became apparent that they were more about the body inside them than about the dresses themselves. Monroe has been infantilized and cast as a victim by many biographers, while at the same time being used as a figurehead for a multiplicity of ideas around sexuality, whiteness, ‘otherness’ and feminism by theorists and artists. In the article I look at how Monroe’s image, despite, or maybe because of, her efforts to control it during her lifetime, has continued to be influential. I refer to specific examples of her film roles and her costumes to unpick why she is still such a fascinating figure and why my paintings, while not actually featuring Monroe, manage to convey a powerful essence of her through the trace of her body.
January Feast Journal: Cutlery Inverted Reflections in a Sliver Spoon Article exploring the symbolic associations of a ‘silver spoon’ in John Huston’s 1967 film Reflections in a Golden Eye












Garageland 19: Self


Garageland Reviews

A Bit of Undigested Potato


Arty 35: British Culture

Elsewhere / Altrove


Garageland 18: Sex

Garageland Reviews

'I Seem to Have Lost the Reality of the Reality'

Joseph Cornell: Wanderlust at the Royal Academy



The Gothic Tendency

To Elsewhere and Back Again

The Beguiling Eyes of Novello and Valentino

Elvis at the O2

Essay which centres on Cassavetes’ Opening Night to investigate the fused and confused reality of films where actors play actors.

Review of the Cornell retrospective.

Two new paintings made especially for this anthology of dreams and nightmares, edited by Keara Stewert.

Artwork and a short text about the vampiric allure of pale young British men of indeterminate sexuality

Essay about being away from home. The publication also features images of the Varese series of paintings and work from the exhibition Elsewhere / Altrove at Yellow, Varese, Italy.

Essay looking at the sexual allure and ambiguity of silent film stars Rudolph Valentino and Ivor Novello

Review of an exhibition of Elvis memorabilia





Garageland 17: Society

Garageland Reviews

Arty 34: Rome

Garageland 16: Machines

School, Sexuality and the Surreal

Love is Enough: Warhol and Morris

The Roman Spring of Mrs Stone

Dream Machines

Essay looking at surreal teen experiences in the films If… and Jamie Marks is Dead

Review of the exhibition at Modern Art Oxford

Essay about Tennessee Williams' time in Rome during the 1950s

Essay written with Corinna Spencer which looks at the dream inducing qualities of film






Arty 33: Deep South

The Rebel:
Elvis Special

Garageland 15: Collaboration

Arty 32: White

On the Trail of the Real Elvis Experience

Southern Belles

Rhinestones and Pink Pants

Down in Tiger Tail County

I'm a Girl not a Ghoul

Essay describing a search for authenticity from Nashville to New Orleans via Graceland’s jungle room.

Paintings and short texts about southern belles.


Essay about Elia Kazan, Tennessee Williams and remembering and forgetting their Baby Doll.

Paintings of Marilyn Monroe in her almost omnipresent white dresses.
View images and read more here





The Sixteen Most Beautiful Men (in profile)


Garageland 12: Film

Tranzine series: Transition Editions, Tranzine 004

Mirror Mirror

Hope and Home

Limited edition publication with images of Sixteen Most Beautiful Men paintings and short texts

A collection of 7 artist curses published in an edition of 100 by AAABAM

Essay tracing the cinematic representations of London's experiments in social housing

  Feast: edition 1 Indulgence Reality bites into the movies Text about fast food in films and accompanying Film Diary paintngs.



Garageland 11: Family

GQ Style AW10/11 (Pg 78)

Garageland 10: Future

Arty 27: Magic/K
Lost in a Masquerade

Business Class

10.05.10 She slept under clear plastic

We wear white
, we are beautiful
Essay about Todd Haynes's film Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story.

Short text about Elvis Presley's backing band.




SOFT - Why Humans Dream of Be-quiffed Androids (essay)
The Rebel – essay in response to SCUM manifesto
Garageland 5: Beauty - Grey Gardens: faded glamour in the Hamptons (painting & accompanying text)
Total Spec – interview with artist Sigrid Holmwood
Firstsite Gallery – critical text to accompany Raphael Pepper’s Residue show
Azucena Vieties Catalogue Essay – Bilbao, Spain
TangentPainting a Picture – Essay and accompanying images
Leisure CentreStrawberries – Drawing and accompanying text
ARTY GREATEST HITSThere is a Light That Never Goes Out - Essay
Some Mild Peril – Publication to accompany Goose Fair exhibition by Nick Jordan and Jacob Cartwright - Drawing
Equipment: the book of lists - Drawings
Next Level– Painting and Photography (Essay)
V (spring issue) – Commissioned Artwork

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